The Naked Tough Case by Case-Mate for iPhone 8 Review

Every year the phone companies launch new phones with advanced technology, the case businesses have also upped their game to protect and shield these valued items. The iPhone experience is hard to get over and those willing to prolong that experience are constantly in search of the perfect case.

But, what good is a case if it hides away the beauty of your iPhone 8. People don’t buy Apple products to hide them away in a safe, but they do so to avail the advanced technology it has to offer. Little can you experience, when you are constantly worried about it getting battered if you happen to drop your phone. No matter which latest model of smartphone an individual has, if it has a lot of scrapes and cracks, it loses all its value.

This review entails details for the Naked Tough Case by Case-Mate for people who own an iPhone 8.

Case Features

The important things to consider while purchasing a phone case are durability, usability, looks and price point. If your case is a bulky mass of plastic, what good does it do to your phone?

Military Strength

This case is stylish and protective. It exhibits military strength when it encounters impacts. Such is the strength of this case that a lifetime warranty has been promised by Case-Mate.

Good Grip on Phone

The phone is a perfect fit around your phone. The plastic is dense, so does not loosen over time. The case snugs the phone, preventing the screen from shattering when you accidentally drop it. The raised bezels on the bumper sides save your phone from obtaining scratches and dents, which occur nonetheless in folio cases. They have UV yellowing resistant materials which let your phone shine through the transparent goodness of the case. Neither does the color, or sparkle dim due to wear. Unlike other plastic cases, the Naked Tough collection cases don’t go yellow as time passes by.

The case is smooth and simple, yet chic to complement your iPhone 8.

Statuesque Specification

The Naked Tough case for iPhone 8 has a range of back design to opt from. These include Iridescent, Clear and lastly sheer glam. From simple to chic, these 3 designs are for people with all moods and styles. The simplistic clear is great if you want to stick to the original color of the phone. Iridescent has transitioning shades of colors from purple to pink. Lastly, the Sheer Glam adds sparkle to the plain look of the iPhone, the same while curtailing to its original color.

The side buttons are metallic. This contrasts well with the all the color ranges available and adds a bit twist to the otherwise simple case. The design is not restricted to the back, but it continues towards the edges symbolizing continuation.

Price Point

The Naked Tough cases are $35.00 on the official Case-Mate site. Though, there is currently a discount on Sheer Glam and Clear case, which cost $21.00 now.