The Folded Crash Case from Skinnydip for iPhone 8 Review

Having a simple pop-on case is too cliché. The front screen is exposed, and you manage to scratch the screen no matter how thick the screen protector you have on. As you cannot prevent your phone from coming face to face with keys or other small items in your purse or bag since you don’t always have a pocket on you.

Folio cases make sure your phone stays in mint condition. Given the fact that you own an iPhone 8, is enough reason to worry about the wellbeing of your phone. The folio cases give your case added protection with the flap over the phone, it looks more elegant and lastly the added space inside that can carry essentials.

The following review is on the Folded Crash Case from Skinny Dip for iPhone 8.

Case Specifications

The Folded Crash Case from Skinny Dip for iPhone 8 is made from a plastic material. Unlike leather cases that shred away as time goes on. The plastic quality ones don’t end up having such fates. This case has a thick plastic that is stitched and glued to a suede lining. The stitch is straight and taut, with no threads flaring out.

Comes with Flaps

The case has two flaps. The cover flap has 3 slots where you can place cash, cards or receipts. You’ll have the feasibility of having a wallet with your phone case. The opposite flap has a plastic hard-shell case glued to it. This is where the phone is to be held. The shell has cutouts that align to proper measurement. You can easily reach the volume button, notification switch, and power button.


Even though it is a folio case, it does not make the phone have a bulky feel. It is lightweight and slim. You can still feel and enjoy the actual phone as it does not have layers of material hiding the phone.

Impact Protection

Coming towards protection, the case prevents the phone from shattering when it gets hit with an impact. The hard shell inside the folio and the rounded edges shield the sides of the phone. This case bats away any unwanted force that might bend or batter the phone to pieces. It is also smooth and easy to grip. It will not slip from your grip or from surfaces. The cover flap prevents the screen from blotches, dust, and debris.

The lining present inside is also of a smooth and silky material. So, your phone screen doesn’t encounter surface friction.

The Allure

The Folded Crash Case from Skinny Dip for iPhone 8 has a white background with grey streaks and patterns. This gives a marble sheen to the cover. The design compliments the black lining inside.
The edges aren’t sharp, they are rounded and curve artistically at the corners. This fashion-forward case is perfect for brandishing your iPhone 8.

Cost Estimate

This case costs £16.00 on the Skinny Dip’s official site.