Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone XS Max Review

The iPhone XS Max has a price range starting from $1,099 for 64 GB and goes up till $1499 for 512 GB. Even for Apple this is high-priced. The iPhone XS Max is the biggest and arguably the best flagship phone to have come out in 2018 but for a phone for this price one should take extra care.

How would you feel if your expensive phone fumbles from your hands and drops on the ground causing considerable damage or even a cracked screen?
If you ask us we would do anything to prevent that from happening. This is where Spingen steps in. Spingen launched itself in 2008 and developed a reputation in providing premium mobile accessories. The case that we are concerned with right now is the Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone XS Max.

This case is for the archetypal minimalist. Its slim back guarantees resistance to scratches and also maintains the sleek design that Apple intended with the iPhone XS Max. The Thin Fit Case fully supports Qi wireless charging and has precise cut-out that ensure complete functionality of your power button and volume buttons.

The Thin Fit Case provides reliable protection for the iPhone XS Max due to its polycarbonate material. The case is made of polycarbonate and maintains a certain slim design ensuring that it does not make your phone appear bulky. The case keeps your phone pocket-friendly that means wearing skinny jeans will not be a problem for the user. The precise cutouts for the tactile buttons ensure proper uninterrupted functionality.

The Thin Fit Case has a camera guard which equalizes the camera bump which makes the phone lay flat on the surface. The case provides an ergonomic grip without adding to the size of your phone which makes it perfect for day to day use. The phone supports Qi wireless charging and is also compatible with Spigen’s very own glass protector.
Above all of these benefits Spigen also provides a two-year warranty for their products if they are not up to par to Spigen’s standards.

The Thin Fit Case for the iPhone XS Max is not military grade drop-tested which means there is no guarantee if it will protect your phone from any kind of damage that occurs from dropping it. The phone cover is minimalistic and does compliment the iPhone XS Max but does not have a stylish design which would appeal to many others.

The material used in the Thin Fit Case for iPhone XS Max is polycarbonate.

The Thin Fit Case for the iPhone XS Max is available in three colors; Graphite Grey, Blush Gold and Black.

The case is available for $19.99 USD.

Value for Money
The case is relatively cheap compared to all the other cases available on the market and provides many benefits for the consumer.

Our Verdict
The Thin Fit Case for the iPhone XS Max is one to buy. At $19.99 it provides protection, supports wireless charging and gives your phone a minimalist 21st century chic look.