Sonix Cosmic (Gold, Silver, Stars) iPhone XR Case Review

Add fashionable looks to your phone with the increase and enhanced protective features to save your iPhone XR from clumsy encounters. Your iPhone XR does not have to fall under any such expensive dealings to add layers of protection to it or construct additional features. We have saved you that trouble for this review features a cover that is affordable for all and provides additional, eye-catching features that add value to the money.

Do not get trapped amongst similar covers that are of low-quality and resemble dull and old kinds of the covers. Such basic covers only offer protection and that too, at risks. The product that we are featuring is of premium quality, low cost and of valued design and specifications, bound to leave you with no regret and satisfied with stumbling upon this review. Why is this the cover you need for your iPhone XR?

Designer Looks

The Sonix cover comes in a variety of different fashion designer looks that are as discriminate from each other as they are respectively amazing. Their sleek designs with the glossy standard look serve as the perfect fit for the glassy back of the iPhone cover. But, with the additional styles, you can personalize your phone according to your preferred taste from over 20 different stunning designs, each valuable on their own. Cosmic, Blush quartz, Delilah and the great Tokyo wave are my personal favorites.

Experimented for Use

The Sonix cover has gone through a military specialized certified test for its provision of protection. The feature provides a durable option for the users as it creates a sense of security and enhanced covering around a 360 view, that is, protects the phone from all of its sides. This is a discriminating yet specified feature of the phone which provides an additional amplifying characteristic over other covers.

Durable and Efficient

The cover for iPhone XR is so designed to offer maximum value for cost with its additional protective features. The cover serves as a durable option because of the rubber sides present vertically and horizontally on all sides; a shock absorbent that allows the phone to encounter sudden collisions without any perpetual damage.

The UV coating serves as a major contributor to the durability and long-term use. The soft material allows the usage of easy term buttons and permits an enhanced user experience. The design for camera serves as a protective layer for the lens as the camera is the most vulnerable part of phones, exposed to various potential damaging effects. It also offers wireless charging.

Worth the Amount

The incredulous designs are available in the form of a guaranteed warranty, at a price of $35 only. With effective ratings on the internet and positive feedback from customers, you are bound to leave the store gratified of the choice you have opted for the protective design over your iPhone XR. Get your clear case iPhone XR Sonix cover, available in various designs to add to your style and disregard yourself of the potential worry of having to encounter damage to your iPhone.