Encased Reveal Crystal Series for iPhone XR Review

The beauty of a resourceful phone lies within its features, but the beauty comes from its external look that makes everyone inclined towards its purchase. Similar things are observed when you look at the basic design of iPhone XR. The sleek touch and amazing look need to be preserved from scratches and potential wear and tear by referring to the phone to a cover.

For your iPhone XR, we have found the perfect option for you to choose in order to save its screen and design from being damaged. Here are some of the reasons why it is one of the choices to consider for is purchase.

Transparent Design

The new crystal-clear feature of this cover enables the basic, eye-catching design of the iPhone XR to be displayed to the public. The color of your respective model can be viewed clearly from the use of this cover, creating a sense of luxury available for the buyer.

Dual Layer

The Encased Reveal Crystal Series is not just about its provision of a great color profile, but it also attributes towards durability. The inner layer of eth cover is provided with a shock absorbent TPU, enabling the user to allow himself of a few clumsy encounters with the phone. While the outer layer is comprised of polycarbonate that encases the cover with a comprehensively durable outlook. These layers place the iPhone under protection from potential scratches and scrapes which are normal to acquire with growing time.

Sleek Design

The Encased Reveal Crystal Series fits in perfectly with the iPhone XR’s slim design, offering an elegant profile to your phone. The simple attribute relates closely to a simultaneously safe and beautiful design of your phone. There is a bumper guard attached to the cover, offering further protection against internal damage. Moreover, it supports wireless charging.

Built-in Kickstand

A feature that makes covers 100 times more attractive for the users to have; a kickstand. This specification permits the buyer to make video calls, access music videos, browse through the internet etc. without any of your hands having to engage in the process. This simple characteristic is an attribute of the mobile covers that may not be popular but is considered valuable if fashioned accordingly. The iPhone XR, being one of eye-candy for users shall not be toned down in its looks with this amazing feature.

Enhanced Quality

Personalize your iPhone XR with this amazing cover. Enhance the experience of using your phone through the installation of the crystal-clear cover. Be accustomed to the secure utilization of the cover and avail the chance to protect your iPhone while exploring through the general features of the phone, differentiating it from others.

Value for Money

The Encased Reveal Crystal Series is available in a price as low as $10.49 from Amazon. The mere reviews mentioned on the web support the decision of the purchase. The ratings suggest that it is a choice to opt for when you are considering the purchase of a cover for iPhone XR.